Welcome to Switzerland!
4th Summer ELSA Geneva Law School on Arbitration
July 14 – 21, 2019, Geneva


Dear friends and supporters of the SELS Geneva on Arbitration, we are doing our best to offer you a unique event this summer and looking forward to welcoming you in Geneva !

Stay tuned, follow us on social networks !

Organizing Committee

Wilson Gomes Martins, Head of the Organizing Committee
MLaw (University of Fribourg)
VP for Semirars & Conferences ELSA Switzerland
VP for Seminars & Conferences ELSA Fribourg

Ahmet Alparslan Aktas, Sponsoring
Cand. iur. BLaw, University of Lausanne
VP for Seminars & Conferences ELSA Lausanne

Albertine Necker, Social Programme
Cand. iur BLaw, University of Fribourg
VP for Extra Academic Activities ELSA Fribourg

Chelsea Rolle, Marketing
Cand. iur. BLaw, University of Fribourg
Director for Marketing ELSA Fribourg

Joëlle Marciano, Sponsoring
Cand. iur BLaw, University of Lucerne
VP for Seminars & Conferences ELSA Lucerne

Lara Rossi, Treasurer
Cand. iur BLaw, University of Neuchâtel
Treasurer of ELSA Switzerland
Treasurer of ELSA Neuchâtel

Maÿlis de Sandol Roy, Accommodation and Gala Ball
Cand. iur BLaw, University of Neuchâtel
President of ELSA Neuchâtel

Mathieu Plancherel, Marketing
Cand. iur MLaw, University of Fribourg
VP for Marketing ELSA Switzerland
President of ELSA Fribourg